mandag 11. oktober 2010

your house

i used to wait until i saw your car pull up in our driveway and you had turned off the lights. i ran because it was in the middle of winter and i never had enough clothes on. i sat in the car next to you and we always spent some time rewinding the cassette in your dads car so that we could listen to the songs we liked the best on the way to your house. and we sang so loud we were almost screaming

you had a huge brown jacket, enough to fit us both in it when i was too cold and we where walking up the hill to get to your house. you lived in the middle of the forest and i remember the sky always being so starry bright and the snow twinkling around us. to me it was a magical place, you never really got comfortable living there

and you were always so cool with your hair all over the place and your oversized shirts. your skin reminded me of silk-paper, your eyes were light blue and sort of mystical in a way. i loved the way you sat on the chair with your legs crossed, leaning back smiling for no apparent reason. i think you were happy


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