torsdag 7. oktober 2010

let me down 2

when in the middle of all the asking thinking analyzing and knowing, you realize it was never really working at all. seduction can be a powerful drug, and when you find yourself waking up from it all, you find it hard to believe that you´ve really put up with that kind of uncertainty

when remembering how you played with my hair while i pretended to be asleep, my heart sobs a little. of all the times i´ve been lost in someone, no one has ever made me feel so small before

ph: here

in retrospect i know that amongst all the admiring, laughing and listening, in the middle of all the amazing silence and the overwhelming energy in the room, it was never really based on anything else than exactly what was in that room. your books, your striped shirts, your uncertain self, and me (trying to hard)

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