tirsdag 19. oktober 2010


we met for a glass of wine, the whole time i was staring at you across the table and it made me so weak, like you could ask me to do anything and i would do it. i just wanted to be near you. we stared at each other, our knees almost touched under the table. you smiled, i felt sick. i could hardly drink my wine

after wine we sat down at the church steps nearby to have a cigarette, and i kept watching the smoke drifting around you, you looked almost fairytale like. the beautiful autumn leaves, the ground, the smell, the cars passing by, and the people standing just down the road. i could hardly notice them, i was in a different place, one where there was just us, and just for a little while there i wasn't heartbroken at all

2 kommentarer:

  1. I absolutely adore your writing. It´s so damn beautiful.

  2. wow, thank you. that means a lot!