torsdag 28. oktober 2010

reading hall romance

ok, so i spend these days at the university. reading, trying to reflect. and just a few days ago i noticed you across the room. you make me look forward to every single day a bit more than usual. you have the nicest smile and you send me looks that i know are only meant for me

i love how you look so into what you're studying

the books, the stolen stares, your leather shoes, your round glasses, the late hours. my daydreaming, my stupid assuming, your confirming smiles. to me its all so romantic. because of you i go home smiling every day

every evening when i leave, you stay behind, reading. i have to walk right past you to get to my locker. you always say goodbye, and when i turn around, you´re there, smiling. it drives me crazy, i think i have to get to know you

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