lørdag 30. oktober 2010


a few years after our brake up, you started texting me again. you wanted to meet, and i suggested we´d meet at the beach. it was early september, warm days and cold nights. i got there first, i went to the highest rock and sat down on top of it, yellow sky and quiet sea

i heard your footsteps behind me and i hesitated to turn around, you sat down next to me without saying a word. we were the only people there. i looked at you, i felt noxious. you stared at me for a few seconds and then you started talking about your last few years, how they had been so turbulent. and i had to remind myself over and over that kissing you was a bad idea

you lit a cigarette, i didn't want one. i told you that i had thought about you a lot. you asked if we could ever be something again. we both knew that it would never work. and i watched you smile again, smoke again, laugh again. and i battled the wish to touch you again, kiss you again, love you again

the yellow light made sure you looked your best. you answered all my questions, i felt like i had never really known you. your hair, your neck, the energy around you, the sun, the waves, a feeling of doing something illegal. i had no idea that it was so easy to suddenly find myself in the middle of it again, in the middle of you

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