fredag 26. august 2011


does this blog have any readers? i have been away for a while, i know

if you are reading this, would you mind telling me a little about yourself? are you in love? where are you from? do you like old furniture and curly headed boys?

i want to continue, if you want to know anything about me, please ask!


torsdag 25. august 2011


i sat on a bench outside the main entrance. for the first time in ages i had let my hair down

i sat there alone for some time, i watched all the young kids who had just started this fall, walking past me with hopes in their hearts, sneakers and summer dresses on to make the best out of one of the last summer days

i took deep breaths, i loved looking at them all confused and exited to see what this school year would bring

with all the new feelings around me i still felt like it was the last day

last day of worn out summer dresses

last day of pink ribbons around used books,
windows opening and golden sparkles of ashes finally let out

last day of coffee and long talks on the stairs,
kicks on the heavy door to make it open faster

it must have been because i because i saw you

you had your red sweater on, brown corderoy pants and a leather bag on your left shoulder

tall, skinny, almost nerdy looking,
still confident though

you looked at me with no sign of recognition and you kept on walking

i guess you must have felt it,
there was nothing left to say

onsdag 24. august 2011


it took almost a year with other guys in my bed, kisses, necks and lovely leather shoe strings for me to realize i had not gotten over you

i walked the halls of the university with my heart in my throat and a stomach-ache caused of nervousness waiting for the right moment to try and talk to you again

i had kissed you on your cheek, told you we could never meet again like this,

and regretted it ever since

finally i found the guts to talk to you, you had met a girl, younger, slightly prettier, and slightly easier to affect

so i pulled on my coat and i stepped out on the curvy road leading from the university campus to my house

now i can think of nothing else