fredag 8. oktober 2010

care free

sitting outside for hours and hours being hungry and cold and wanting to go to the toilet but all that had to wait because of the moment we were in

smoking feeling holding your head in my hands

the sun setting and the clouds closing in on us, your burgundy-red shirt and my blue nail polish just starting to come off. i admired your freckles closely and you asked me if this please could just last. a few months later it was over, but you and your gentle soft look have never stopped being what i compare others to

meeting half way and climbing through your window. elbows touching and the smell of cigarettes and cheap wine spilling all over you. running through gardens, rolling on grass while screaming god i wish this could last forever

that feeling. its so long ago but it still knocks me over

2 kommentarer:

  1. detaljer. noen ganger er jeg så redd for at bare jeg ser dem. ofte er det bare en bit av et forhold, en følelse, som ser dem. det er så vondt.

    jeg sitter også fast i slikt som var. en gang.

  2. ja, det er litt som å være hjemsøkt.