søndag 10. oktober 2010


you kissed me on the forehead and left.  i felt empty. how can attraction be so mindblowingly intense? i don't think i`ll ever figure you out. you played with my hair and told me it had to be over. i said i couldn't take it anymore anyway. i looked out the window, into your eyes and out the window again

you asked me if i could feel it. i lied and said no. none of us said a word. i wish i could delete you from my head

the energy filled the whole room. it almost made me tremble. the curtains the floor the bed. i wanted to lie there with you one second and the next i was cursing you in my mind

while tying your shoes you looked up at me, and i leaned against the wall thinking god i wish this could be easier. i told you over and over that i thought you were an idiot. in my head i was screaming why cant you see how great i am? i tried to seem casual about it, but i don't think it worked

watching you walk down the stairs on your way out i closed the door, sat down on the floor listening to your footsteps in the hallway becoming more and more distant. i didn't cry, but it felt like my insides could explode any second, and even though i kept telling myself that this was for the best, i knew that when i went to bed that night, my pillow would still be smelling of you, and that i wouldn't want to change the sheets

ph: hannah metz

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