søndag 24. oktober 2010


so i wake up thinking god i wish you were here. i get in the shower, try to sing songs that doesn't remind me of you, put my dress on, my red hat and my stockings, put todays morning paper in my bag, i go out, its sunny, you're not there, i keep hoping i´ll run in to you by accident

i like the sound of my shoes against the asphalt, i walk up the street, past the cafe we used to go to for breakfast, past your house, your door, your doorbell and your last name on the sign. i stop for a second and i wonder if your home right now, and i battle the wish to call you

i continue walking, feeling quite happy, confident, except for the feeling of you missing, and the continuos discomfort of wondering if i´ll ever even kiss you again

i get to the market, i am there alone this time, i look at the clothes, the books, the furniture, all the time looking up hoping that you´ll be there too, but you never appear

so i sit down in a beautiful chair from the 60´s to read the paper, drink coffee and listen to the marching band. its so nice to be alone, but so painful knowing that just a few months ago you would have been sitting in the chair next to me, and we would joke about our future living room and what it would look like

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