fredag 26. august 2011


does this blog have any readers? i have been away for a while, i know

if you are reading this, would you mind telling me a little about yourself? are you in love? where are you from? do you like old furniture and curly headed boys?

i want to continue, if you want to know anything about me, please ask!


5 kommentarer:

  1. hello sina, I am from athens (greece) and I want to be a writer! I am in love for over a year now, with a lovely boy who makes me laugh and holds my hand and is much taller than me but now we are studying in different countries..
    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really like it, is everything you write from your own experiences? are you in love now?


  2. I've been reading for a while and I really adore your writing style. It's abstract but simple, but at the same time there's something articulate about it.

    I hail all the way from California USA btw. Not in love, don't believe in it, but I love everything about it. I'm a hypocrite, I know.

  3. I have been reading for a while as well, I absolutely love your writing
    I am from Arizona USA, and yes I am in love after many years of heartache. I love old books and leather boots and art galleries

    please write more

  4. I love your blog, pleas continue writing!

  5. all: thank you so much, your kind words mean a lot to me.

    Rea: i am in love actually. every word i have written here are inspired by things i have experienced.