torsdag 25. august 2011


i sat on a bench outside the main entrance. for the first time in ages i had let my hair down

i sat there alone for some time, i watched all the young kids who had just started this fall, walking past me with hopes in their hearts, sneakers and summer dresses on to make the best out of one of the last summer days

i took deep breaths, i loved looking at them all confused and exited to see what this school year would bring

with all the new feelings around me i still felt like it was the last day

last day of worn out summer dresses

last day of pink ribbons around used books,
windows opening and golden sparkles of ashes finally let out

last day of coffee and long talks on the stairs,
kicks on the heavy door to make it open faster

it must have been because i because i saw you

you had your red sweater on, brown corderoy pants and a leather bag on your left shoulder

tall, skinny, almost nerdy looking,
still confident though

you looked at me with no sign of recognition and you kept on walking

i guess you must have felt it,
there was nothing left to say

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