mandag 19. september 2011


years ago i saw you on campus and i went there every day hoping you would notice me.
you never did, i thought. i wandered those halls every single day with books in my hands and my red lipstick on just hoping you would finally talk to me

last week i walked into a party with my heart in my chest hoping you would be there,
i entered the room, almost tripping on the excitement i was feeling,
i sat down on a worn out red chair, talked to some girls i had never met before

and suddenly there you were,
your green eyes looking at me from across the room with such attractive energy,
you asked me if i wanted to come with you outside for a bit

the autumn air was so cold and the leaves were blowing around us. i just stood there speechless, i had no idea what you where about to tell me would turn my life upside down

i saw you on campus years ago and i swore to myself that i would have to speak to you if we ever met again

i could feel the tears almost appearing, but i managed to keep them away
you leaned against me and kissed me,
and i could feel the cool air and your warm touch embracing me

since then i have forgotten what complicated is,
nothing about you is complicated, it

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