tirsdag 2. november 2010


one night we decided to leave town for a little while. we got in your tiny little boat, filled it up with blankets, books, red wine and vanilla biscuits. i had my yellow flip flops on and was scared to death of jellyfish

we made it out to a small island just two hours away. there were no people there, no wind, no lights, no expectations. and we spent the entire night lying on our backs, smoking, reminiscing, admiring the sky while discussing all sorts of heartbreaking subjects

i remember waking up at sunset, and i watched as the rays of light filled our little space more and more. you looked so sad while you were sleeping, and i wondered if i could ever love you the way you loved me. i kissed your eyelids to wake you up, and that sleepy old look you had on is still impossible to forget

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